Department of Water Resources

Dams and Dam Safety

Dam Guidelines - Application Process

An application must be submitted in triplicate, (NAC 535.210 and appendix B) accompanied by the $1,200.00 statutory filing fee (NRS 533.435) along with three (3) sets of the supporting documents (design report, specifications, geotechnical report, plans, etc.) for review by the State Engineer. One copy of the application and supporting documents will be forwarded to the Nevada Department of Wildlife for statutory review and comment. Upon approval by the State Engineer, the two remaining sets of applications and supporting documents will be signed and stamped by the State Engineer. One set will be returned to the owner or his agent and one set will remain permanently on file in the State Engineer's office.
A safety of dams permit is issued subject to specific terms (appendix C). The terms address items such items as the proof of completion due date, filing said proof (appendix F), Emergency Action Plan (EAP), authorization to impound, monitoring, reporting and other related issues. The entire review and permitting process normally takes a minimum of one month, however, the process could take several months depending on the complexity and thoroughness of the design.
A water right must be obtained prior to project approval to ensure there are valid rights to the quantity of water proposed to be impounded, with the possible exception of flood control facilities.
The minimum requirements for submission of application for approval of plans for a dam are outlined in NAC 535.210 . Please bear in mind that the regulation outlines the absolute minimum amount of data necessary for consideration of an application and that additional information may be necessary in order to gain approval.