Department of Water Resources

Dams and Dam Safety

In Case Of Emergency

If you encounter a dangerous or unsafe situation at a dam, please note the following and contact the individuals listed directly below:
  •  Where are you?
  •  How may we contact you for further information?
  •  What is the nature of the problem/emergency?
  •  Did you observe the situation yourself or are you passing on information? Is there someone else who did observe the situation and how can they be contacted?
    Northern Townships:
    Chris Thorson
    (775) 684-2800
    Southern Townships:
    John Guillory
    (702) 486-2770
    After Hours:
    Office of Emergency Management
    (775) 687-4240
    If the above numbers are busy, please contact local emergency authorities by dialing "911" or contacting the local sheriff's department.