Department of Water Resources


Nevada State Water Plan

Executive Summary, purpose and governing directive, water plan organization and contents, brief summary of WaterPlanning and management issues, with all of the recommendations, a glossary of terminology and a glossary of abbreviations and acronyms
Introduction, guidelines for the State Water Plan, the institutional framework for WaterPlanning and management in Nevada, water resources background, socioeconomic background, glossary of terminology (for Part 1), information on selected agencies and organizations, selected water-related decrees, agreements and operating criteria, and abbreviations and acronyms
Historic and current water use, socioeconomic assessment and forecasts, water use assessment and forecasts, meeting our future water supply needs, and a glossary of terminology (for Part 2)
Issue papers in the areas of water supply and allocation, water quality, resource conservation and recreational uses, flood management, and water planning and management, and a glossary of terminology (for Part 3)
Water use data, analysis and the development of water use factors for the years 1985, 1990, 1995; population estimates, forecasts and analysis; Population and employment forecasts for municipal and industrial (M&I), domestic (residential) and commercial and industrial water withdrawals; forecasts of Nevada and county irrigated acreage; water withdrawal forecast summaries; and Nevada and county socioeconomic overviews
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