Department of Water Resources


Water Planning and Drought Resiliency


The overall mission of the Water Planning and Drought Resiliency section is to support the Division’s mission to conserve, protect, manage and enhance the State’s water resources for Nevada's citizens. The Water Planning and Drought Resiliency section will take on the responsibilities and duties outlined in NRS Chapter 540 including the review of water conservation plans, water resource planning activities, review of water resource data, water resource education and outreach, drought planning, and floodplain management activities. 
Many of the publications produced by the Water Planning Section and its predecessor, the Division of Water Planning, are available as "PDF" publications or as webpages.Included on this page is the State Drought Plan, the State Water Plan, the Water for Nevada Series, and the Water Words Dictionary.
Besides publications, there are several other resources directly and indirectly related to water planning that may be of interest. This includes basin summaries and ground water usage (pumping) reports.
NRS §540.141 requires that conservation plans be posted on the Division of Water Resources website, and this is where they are housed. They are organized by county. Older plans may not be available on the web. Please contact the water planning engineer if you have questions regarding a specific plan.

Living With Drought
Great Basin Weather and Climate Dashboard
Nevada Drought Monitor
State of Nevada Drought Response Plan
Report of the 1988 Governor's Drought Review and Reporting Committee
State of Nevada Drought Plan 1991
State of Nevada Drought Plan 2003
Nevada Long Term Drought Strategic Plan