Department of Water Resources

Water Planning Reports

Guide to Nevada State Water Planning Reports
Nevada State Water Planning References
Hydrologic Atlas
Report 1: Guidelines for Nevada Water Planning (1971)
Report 2: Estimated Water Use in Nevada (1971)
Report 3: Nevada's Water Resources (1971)
Report 4: Forecasts for the Future - Mining (1973)
Report 5: Forecasts for the Future - Population (1973)
Report 6: Appendix D: Stream and Lake Inventory
Report 7: Water-related Recreation in Nevada - Present and Future (1973)
Report 7: Appendices: Water Based Recreastion Inventory
Report 8: Forecasts for the Future - Agriculture (1974)
Report 9: Forecast for the Future - Electric Energy (1974)
Report 9: Appendices
Special Report: Input-output Economic Models (1974)
Special Summary Report: Nevada State Water Plan (1974)
Special Information Report: Water - Legal and Administrative Aspects (1974)
Special Planning Report Summary: Water Supply for the Future in Southern Nevada (1971)
Special Planning Report: Water Supply for the Future in Southern Nevada (1971)
Reconnaisance Soil Survey: Dixie Valley (1974)
Reconnaisance Soil Survey: Railroad Valley (1971)
The Future Role of Desalting Nevada