Department of Water Resources


Well Driller Licensing Renewals and Continuing Education

A Nevada Well Driller's License expires on June 30th following their issuance. In order to renew a license, the well driller must:
  • Submit the Well Driller’s License Renewal Form and the associated $50 fee, so that the Office of the State Engineer receives them no later than June 15th;
  • Provide documentation that the applicant has completed at least 8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during the period beginning July 1st of the previous year and ending June 30th of the current year as well as a CEU summary; and,
  • Provide documentation that the applicant has attended both the “Nevada Well Drilling Regulations and Statutes” and the “Well Drilling Forms: How to Properly Complete a Well Driller’s Report, Notice of Intent Card, Affidavit of Intent to Abandon and Waivers” courses at least once within two consecutive renewal periods.
Continuing Education:
Generally, 1 hour of well-drilling related training or education will equal 1 CEU. Some courses, whose content is not directly related to well drilling, will equal 1 CEU for 2 hours or 1 CEU for 4 hours of training or education depending on the course.  Click the "CEU Program (PDF)" link below for additional details. A licensed driller who teaches an “approved” CEU course will receive 2 CEUs for every hour of classroom training up to a maximum of 8 CEUs. A licensed driller who teaches the same course more than once during the renewal period may only receive credit for that course once during that renewal period. To have a course accredited, the instructor must submit the Request for a Program or Course Accreditation form to the Nevada Division of Water Resources.
A maximum of 4 CEUs above the 8 required CEUs can be carried over to the next licensing period. If the licensed well driller has demerit points assessed against their license pursuant to NAC Chapter 534, any extra CEUs may first go towards reducing the total number of demerit points assessed.