Department of Water Resources


Well Drillers - Waiver Requests

The Division of Water Resources may grant certain waivers for good cause shown. All waiver requests to the Division should contain the following information:
1. Name and address of property owner as it appears on County Records.
2. Assessors Parcel number(s) of property where well(s) are to be drilled.
3. Legal description of property and street address if available.
4. Number of wells requesting to be drilled.
5. Description of well construction.
6. A brief description of why the wells are needed, i.e. what are you monitoring, what do you expect to encounter?
7. NAC regulations to be waived.
8. Proposed project completion date.
9. Affidavit of Intent to Abandon and Other Forms.
The Division of Water Resources will accept faxed waivers, but a hard copy needs to be submitted to the Division Office as soon as possible (not more than 5 days after the fax copy is received). You must receive written or faxed confirmation from the Division before proceeding with a project.
Waiver forms may be found on the Forms tab under Waiver and Drilling Forms.