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Here you will find all of the forms provided by the Division of Water Resources. All forms are presented in PDF (Portable Document Format) and will require a reader.

Water Right Forms

Water Right ApplicationDownload
Water Right Application - ChangeDownload
Water Right Application - TemporaryDownload
Water Right Application - Temporary StockwaterDownload
Water Right Application - EnvironmentalDownload
Water Right Application - SecondaryDownload
Proof of Completion of Work - Meter RequiredDownload
Proof of Completion of Work (no meter)Download
Instructions for Proof of Beneficial Use FormDownload
Proof of Beneficial Use for IrrigationDownload
Proof of Beneficial Use for Mining, Milling, Dewatering or PowerDownload
Proof of Beneficial Use for Stockwater or WildlifeDownload
Proof of Beneficial Use for Other UsesDownload
Resumption of UseDownload
Extension of Time (for filing Proof of Completion and/or Proof of Beneficial Use)Download
Extension of Time to Prevent a ForfeitureDownload
Ext. to File an Amended Application or Supporting MapDownload
Proof of Appropriation of WaterDownload
Protest FormDownload
Successor in Interest Protestant FormDownload
Affidavit of Relinquishment for Domestic WellsDownload
Affidavit - Stock-Water ApplicationDownload
Affidavit - Stock-Water Proof of Beneficial UseDownload

Deed/Title Forms

Report of ConveyanceDownload
Report of Conveyance GuidelinesDownload
Abstract of TitleDownload
Abstract of Title - Carson RiverDownload
Abstract of Title - Truckee RiverDownload
Abstract of Title - Walker RiverDownload
Abstract of Title - Humboldt RiverDownload
Abstract of Title - Vested RightDownload
Notice of PledgeDownload
Guidelines for Encumbering Ownership of Water RightsDownload
Affidavit of Identity - IndividualDownload
Affidavit of Identity - RepresentativeDownload
Chain of Title Document KeyDownload

Dam Safety Forms

Notice of Dam ConstructionDownload
Application to Decommission a DamDownload
Application for Dam Plan ApprovalDownload
Proof of Completion for DamsDownload
Dam Design ChecklistDownload
Dam Inspection ChecklistDownload
Certificate of Dam ConstructionDownload

Waiver and Drilling Forms

Monitor Well (MO) WaiverDownload
Additional Well LocationsDownload
Construction (C) WaiverDownload
Mining and Milling (MM) WaiverDownload
Oil and Gas (OG) WaiverDownload
Regulation (R) WaiverDownload
Exploratory Well (W) WaiverDownload
Plugging (P) WaiverDownload
Domestic Well WaiverDownload
Affidavit to Abandon Monitoring Well(s)Download
Affidavit to Abandon Water WellDownload
Dewatering WaiverDownload
Notice of Intent WaiverDownload
Affidavit to Abandon a Temporary Stockwater WellDownload

Well Driller/Log Forms

Well Driller's License ApplicationDownload
Well Driller's Renewal FormDownload
Course Accreditation CEU RequestDownload
Well Log FormDownload
Well Log Plugging and Abandonment FormDownload

Miscellaneous Forms

Water Right Surveyor ApplicationDownload
2016 Surveyors Renewal Form (PDF)Download
Monthly Pumpage Report Form (Excel)Download
Monthly Pumpage Report Form (PDF)Download
Monthly Pumpage Report Form - Mines (Excel)Download
Request for Correspondence and Change of AddressDownload
Request to Withdraw Consent for CorrespondenceDownload
Consent to Electronic Delivery of DocumentsDownload
Withdrawal of ApplicationDownload
Recharge ApplicationDownload
Recharge Application GuidelinesDownload
Petition for Review of Cancelled PermitDownload
Domestic Well CreditDownload
Request for CopiesDownload
Rule 42 Application to Associate FormDownload
Fixture Count WorksheetDownload
Requirements and Instructions for Water Level DataDownload
Requirements and Instructions for Monitoring Well Site DataDownload
Requirements and Instructions for Discharge DataDownload
Requirements and Instructions for Discharge Monitoring Site DataDownload
Discharge Data Report (Excel)Download
Accessory Dwelling FormDownload
Water Level ReportDownload
Request to Investigate Alleged ViolationDownload
Report of Installation of Totalizing MeterDownload
Domestic Well AffidavitDownload
Temporary Well AffidavitDownload
Meter Reporting Form for Humboldt River (PDF)Download
Meter Reporting Form for Humboldt River (Excel)Download
Meter Reporting Authorization FormDownload