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88535 Ministerio Roca Solida Iglesia Cristiana Protested Dec 3, 2019 Nevada Division of Water Resources, Tahoe Hearing Room, 2nd Floor, 901 S. Stewart Street, Carson City, Nevada. 9:00 AM hearings/image/88535.pdf
Hearing on Objections to the Preliminary Order of Determination In the Matter of the Determination of the Relative Rights in and to all Waters of Cold Spring Valley, Hydrographic Basin No. 07-100, Located in Washoe County, Nevada. Complainants: Heinz Holdco, LLC., Bureau of Land Management, Woodland Village, Bordertown Inc. and DeMartini family. Adjudication Jan 14 to Jan 15 2020 Nevada Division of Water Resources Tahoe Hearing Room, 901 S. Stewart Street, 2nd Floor, Carson City, Nevada. 8:30 AM hearings/image/ColdSpringObj.pdf